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Martial Arts "The Woodlands, Texas"

What is American Kenpo ?

Edmond K. Parker created American Kenpo with a clear understanding that as attacks evolve, so does the defense against these attacks.

  • American Kenpo began as Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu which traditionally traces its origin to Shaolin Kung Fu


  • American Kenpo focuses on modern fighting scenarios

Modern American Warrior Academy teaches Martial Arts under Progressive Kenpo System (PKS), an advanced form of American Kenpo. 

Martial Arts "The Woodlands, Texas"


PKS utilizes the human body’s natural way of movement in order to achieve results.  When the body is aligned correctly, the student will find that he/she can create power effortlessly through mass in motion.


Our students will not only learn self defense skills under this martial arts system but promote leadership skills, self-confidence, discipline, and awareness which are skills that they can carry through life beyond the training mat. 


The Instructors at Modern American Warrior Academy have spent many years studying this art form.  They have created an evolving system that not only prevails in the physical attack, but also teaches their students how to recognize danger and avoid it whenever possible. 

We offer classes for both adults and children. 

Progressive Kenpo Systems IS THE evolution of American Kenpo!

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