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Dear Chester and Marcus,


I am writing this note on behalf of the Team and parents of the U15 Tornadoes Rush soccer team.  We typically try to do something at the end of every season for the Team. This was by far one of the greatest events we have done for the Team and parents.  The Girls had a blast and really learned some things which will be helpful in their future.  Actually, as a parent and coach of this group of girls for the last 7 years, I am thankful knowing that they are at a minimum a little stronger and more aware.




From start to finish your understanding and ability to work with me to customize the approach in a way, which every player could gain something out of it; from pure fun to understanding the dangers, to arming them with the personal protection techniques, and especially my young ladies whom will soon go out into the world.


Recalling the moments of laughter and serious debate in the classroom instruction, and specifically the donning of the pads so each member of the team could take out all the angst using the tactics they had learned on Marcus (thank you for excepting the bruises and enduring, as you remember for future reference teenage soccer girls can KICK and are fiercely competitive).


I do and will continue to recommend you guys and your programs for all ages.  I appreciate what you have done and will see you again soon.


Best regards, 

Gregory A. Grant

Tornadoes Soccer Coach



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