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Why MAW?

Modern American Warrior (MAW) is not just another karate school. We are purposeful about our mission, which is to teach adults and kids real life skills to TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY!

We see so many disheartening things flash across social media and the main stream media. The debate continues regarding safety and violence, has it increased/ changed? With access to immediate news, fake or real it still changes the perception of the general public. Creating fear and creating chaos. Kids are victims of bullying and hate crimes and there is a disconnect in basic manners and respect.

Whatever your level of skill we have a training program that fits your needs. From Progressive Kenpo, Anti-Bullying, Predator Awareness, and Firearms training. We are dedicated to providing you not just with the knowledge but the practical skills as well. In our kids programs, we focus on respect, accountability, mental awareness, developing a plan "What do you do..." and physical skills.

We know that you have many choices out there and appreciate you taking the time to find out more about us. Take the next step and come out and visit us to see for yourself, "Why MAW"! Our team knows there is a better way and we teach you that way, the Modern American Warrior way.

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