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Adult Kenpo Classses

This form of martial arts teaches correct body alignment to generate the maximum amount of power and destruction regardless of individual size. Tap into your internal power.

Adult Self- Defense Seminars

Women's Self Defense:

The women's classes are designed to teach women how to tap into their internal power creating a confidant individual that criminals recognize and avoid.

Men's Self Defense:

The men's classes are designed to give the gentlemen the confidence and skills to create a safe environment for themselves and their family while out in public.

Modern American Women's Shooting Club

$25 monthly (Range fees not included)

Female instructed class to empower and train women to develop skills that will build awareness, confidence, and life skills to take control of your personal safety. Both classroom instruction and range field trips. Connect with like minded women and have fun learning skills to protect yourself and those around you. 

Beyond Empty Hand

$25 per month per member, $50 per month per not actively enrolled person, $75 per class per person

This program teaches a variety of weapons, with classes tailored to both children and adults. 

  • Tactical Firearms

  • Kenpo Knife

  • Short Sticks

  • Tactical Archery

  • Throwing Weapons and More...

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