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June 30th         noon – 1pm

Aug. 4th           noon – 1pm

Sept. 8th          noon – 1pm

Oct. 13th          noon – 1pm

Nov. 17th         noon – 1pm

Dec. 15th         noon – 1pm…final exam with a party

Asst. Instructor Duties (To be assigned) 


Mirror                       3 Students

Mats                         3 Students

Equipment               1 Student

Seating area            1 student

Bathroom                 1 student

Plants                       1 student

Pro-shop                  1 student

Front door                1 student

Shoe rack                 1 student

M.A.W. Assistant Instructors are expected to be:


  • Clean, tidy and well groomed (ex: hair pulled back for girls, shirts tucked in gi pants, no stains on uniform)


  • Focused (Eyes, Ears, Mind and Body):

    • Eyes: Pay attention to what is going on in class. Ex: watch the instructor for signs he/she may need you to assist with getting or putting back the striking pads after use.

    • Ears: Do not talk when the instructor is talking. Ex: if you are working with another student and the instructor starts to explain something, stop talking and listen to the instructor.

    • Mind: Think about what the instructor is saying and what is being taught.

    • Body: Face the instructor and focus on learning the movement being taught in class. Ex: stop moving around when the instructor is giving you directions.


  • An example to other students:

    • Be punctual- get to class on time or early AND signed in

    • When working with other students; focus on the material and assist others who need help (ex: if someone is not doing a kick correctly)

    • Line up quietly at attention when instructed to do so

    • Always bow in respectfully when going into training area and always bow out respectfully when leaving the training area

    • Keep your personal belongings in an orderly manner and in the appropriate place (ex: shoes in shoe rack not on the floor, sparring gear in your bag when not in use/packed up when done)

    • Use the “Eight Magic Phrases”  (yes sir/ma’am, no sir/ma’am, please, thank you, you’re welcome, I’m sorry)

    • Focus on putting on your sparring gear and promptly return into the training area

    • Use the restroom before class & make sure it is clean and orderly


Assistant Instructors Duties:

  1. Make sure all students are signed in before entering training area; help them if needed

  2. Assist to make sure all students are lined up properly

  3. Assist to make sure students are not horse-playing

  4. Assist other students with their sparring gear if needed

  5. Assist the instructor during class (watch and listen for instructions and directions)

  6. Make sure the training area is clean and all equipment are in their proper place

  7. Check your Academy area as per the duty list

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