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Modern American Warrior is a Family Oriented Personal Protection Training Academy. We have programs ranging from 3 years old to adults.

Our Children's Programs are designed to teach Focus, Respect, Discipline, Anti-Bullying and Self-Defense...Of Course.

Our Adult Program is designed to create Awareness to recognize and avoid danger and the Self-Defense Skills to protect them and their family if it is ever needed.  


Our belief is that people have a right to be safe. We provide the skills needed to enhance awareness and build confidence. Each student is an individual and we train based on the students needs in a family friendly environment.

At our academy, our Kids Martial Arts programs are uniquely designed to focus on creating awareness of the Dangers and how to avoid them, building confidence to be able to stand up and protect themselves, and developing Life skills needed to be leaders.

The most valuable thing we can do for our children is to provide them with the skills and ability to protect themselves from those that would do them harm. 

Your child will learn:

  • Focus

  • Discipline

  • Respect...for themselves and others

  • Leadership Skills

  And Much More!

Our Adult Martial Arts programs teach correct body alignment to generate the maximum amount of power and destruction regardless of size.


Other areas of expertise:

  • Self Defense

  • Predator Awareness

  • College Safety

  • Team Building Events

  • Weapons Training

Our Firearm Training Classes are taught by NRA Certified Trainers who focus on  teaching personal protection skills that emphasize on safety, comfort, and proficiency.  Classes available for all levels of experience. 

  • Basic Pistol Class

  • Advanced Pistol Class

  • Texas License to Carry Handgun Class

  • Tactical Firearm Class-      Level I, II, and III

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25050 Pitkin Rd. Spring, TX  77386 * (281) 419-0049

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